Mission and Values

To provide an excellent cost effective pensions service to meet the needs of our different customers.

LPFA's Strategic Aim 2016-19

You will see contained within the 2016-19 Strategic Policy Statement that the LPFA’s ultimate aim is to make sure sufficient funds are available for all current and future pensions.

We believe that one way to deliver this is by collaborating with like-minded pension funds. This could be in the form of increased co-investment opportunities between LGPS funds or what we have termed a full Asset and Liability Management (ALM) partnership – an arrangement whereby the assets of both funds are pooled, generating the efficiencies that can come with scale.

Liabilities can be managed across the whole pool, drawing on combined investment expertise and creating economies of scale. Ultimately, this should further enhance investment performance and facilitate more stable employer contributions.

LPFA’s strategy is underpinned by the following three main pillars:

• Operational efficiency. 

• Innovation in investment and liability management.   

• Partnership working.



Values and Behaviours

LPFA has established a set of values and behaviours. While the strategy outlines the deliverables LPFA will strive to achieve, the values outline how this is to be achieved. These values are embedded into LPFA's appraisal system..


  • Striving to deliver the best for our people and our stakeholders;

  • Being alert to and responsive to change; and


  • Focusing on performance - individual, team and organisation;

  • Being aware of the consequences of our actions or inactions;

  • Taking responsibility and keeping our promises; and

  • Measuring what makes a difference.


  • Setting clear expectations and empowering people to deliver;

  • Developing opportunities for job satisfaction and recognition;

  • Adopting a collaborative, team approach; and

  • Respecting and celebrating diversity.


  • Challenging behaviour and having difficult conversations;

  • Being honest and treating everyone fairly; and

  • Building trust and promoting openness.