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2017 Newsletters

Pensions Update - September 2017

Pensions Newsletter - August 2017

Pensions Newsletter - July 2017

Pensions Newsletter - June 2017

Pensions Newsletter  - May 2017

Pensions Newsletter - April 2017

Pensions Newsletter - March 2017

Pensions Newsletter - March 2017     *Special Bulletin

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2016 Newsletters

Pensions Update Newsletter - December 2016

Pensions Update Newsletter - November 2016

Pensions Update Newsletter - October 2016

Pensions Update Newsletter - September 2016

Pensions Update Newsletter - August 2016

Pensions Update Newsletter - July 2016

Pensions Update Newsletter - June 2016

Pensions Update Newsletter - May 2016

Pensions Update Newsletter - April 2016

Pensions Update Newsletter - March 2016

Pensions Update Newsletter - February 2016

Pensions Update Newsletter - January 2016   *SPECIAL EDITION*


LGPS 2014 Online Forms Bulletin

This bulletin details all of the main changes to the forms and explains the new Scheme Movements form, which should be used to tell us when a member moves between the main and 50/50 sections of the scheme.

LGPS 2014 Online & Paper Forms Bulletin 


Schools and Academies

Schools and Academies

If you’re a school that has become or is thinking about becoming an academy it is important that you contact us as soon as possible as we will need to ask our actuary to calculate your contribution rate on your new status before your conversion date. Please note that actuarial and LPFA staffing costs will be incurred as part of this process.

LPFA are currently treating all schools converting to academy status as individual employers, and removing them from the pooling arrangement they are currently part of. We are however considering DCLG guidance, and may create an 'Academies Pool' as part of the 2013 valuation. Discussions with our actuary are ongoing in relation to this.

Any queries regarding academies should be directed towards the Head of Employer Risk Services, Tony Williams on 0207 369 6078.


DCLG have released FAQs aimed at helping pensions administrators and Academy practitioners to better understand the relationship between the LGPS and Academies.

LGPS Arrangements for Academies. 

Academy arrangements and the LGPS - FAQs 4th February 2014