Employer Forms

Employers can now use of LPFA's online forms for all common submissions

These forms can be found on Yourfund.

LGPS 2014 online forms are now available. The LGPS 2014 Online & Paper Forms Bulletin details all of the main changes to the forms and explains the new Scheme Movements form, which should be used to tell us when a member moves between the main and 50/50 sections of the scheme.

Additional forms available are:
This access allows the site admin user to create new user profiles for other members of staff and to deactivate and modify existing profiles. 
Please be aware, only 1 site admin user is permitted for each employer. 


Ill Health Declaration Forms

These forms are for completion by a suitably qualified medical practitioner and scheme employer where a member is being assessed for possible medical retirement. Because they are subject to frequent amendment to reflect changes in legislation, these forms should always be downloaded as required and not stored as hard copy by employers or medical practitioners.

 Updated July 2019