LGPS Ill Health Retirement Guidance

Updated CLG statutory guidance by DCLG on ill-health retirements has been drafted with respect to LGPS 2008 and new guidance has been drafted for LGPS 2014.

The Supplementary Guidance was drafted with respect to LGPS 2008, but has not been updated for LGPS 2014. However much of it remains relevant, but in case of any doubt please refer your enquiries to your usual LPP contact.

Statutory Guidance

Statutory Ill Health Guidance cover letter

Statutory Ill Health Guidance LGPS 2008

Statutory Ill Health Guidance LGPS 2014

Employers and Medical Practitioners must have regard to this guidance when carrying out their functions in relation to ill-health retirements for members of the Local Government Pension Scheme. The medical practitioners and staff members of scheme employers who are responsible for ill-health retirement procedures under the Scheme must have read and understood this guidance.

Supplementary Guidance

Supplementary Guidance for Medical Practitioners Qualified in Occupational Health Medicine

This guidance is issued jointly by the department for Communities and Local Government (CLG) and the Faculty of Occupational Medicine to help medical practitioners who have been asked to make an assessment under the LGPS Ill-health retirement regulations. This guidance does not replace the regulations or CLG's supporting guidance, but aims to clarify further several areas that have been drawn to the attention of the Faculty of Occupational Medicine, Association of Local Authority Medical Advisers, the British Medical Association Occupational Medicine Committee and DCLG.

Narrative Template

Narrative Template for Assessment Reports 

This document is referred to in the Supplementary Guidance and provides a framework which may prove useful in setting evidence supporting the medical practitioner's opinions in relation to eligibility for immediate payment of benefits on grounds of ill-health for active members or those with preserved benefits, and in related appeal cases.

Ill Health Benefits FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions - Ill Health Retirement - 2014 Scheme - Edition 1 

This set of answers to frequently asked questions deals with the regulatory provisions of the Local Government Pension Scheme Regulations 2013 (SI 2013/2356). It aims to support LGPS practitioners and independent registered medical practitioners.
Employers should draw the attention of all companies whose services are used for assessment for ill-health retirement under the Local Government Pension Scheme and individual medical practitioners, other than LPP's own occupational health physician Dr. Paul Simpkin, to the updated guidance.

Ill Health Guide and Declaration Forms

The Ill Health Guide aims to assist employers when they are operating the ill health provisions of the Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS).

These forms are for completion by a suitably qualified medical practitioner and scheme employer where a member is being assessed for possible medical retirement. Because they are subject to frequent amendment to reflect changes in legislation, these forms should always be downloaded as required and not stored as hard copy by employers or medical practitioners.

Updated July 2019

The ill-health declaration forms, to be completed by a suitably qualified medical practitioner and employer, can be found in the 'Employer Forms' tab on the left hand side.