End of Year Returns (EOY)

As part of their regulatory responsibility every organisation in the LPFA must complete and upload two returns every April to www.yourfund.org.ukone with details of the contributions members paid in the previous tax year and one confirming the contribution rates for participating members in the forthcoming tax year.


Information about any changes to the system and details of the requirements are sent out to all employers around the beginning of February so please ensure that your contact details are kept up-to-date or you could miss out on important information.


The end of year returns are used to update members’ records and provide them with Annual Benefit Statements and also to allow us to query any records which appear to be incorrect, it is therefore vital that these returns are submitted accurately and in a timely manner. If as an organisation you outsource your payroll and you ask your payroll provider to also complete these returns for you it is still your responsibility as an organisation to ensure that your payroll provider understand the requirements and deadlines involved and that they are submitting accurate information on behalf of your organisation. The End of Year Guide for Employers

should be able to answer most of your questions and assist you in checking the accuracy of your data.


To ensure that your returns are as accurate as they can be we would recommend that you use the data matching facility regularly throughout the year. More information about data matching can be found under the online login section or at www.yourfund.org.uk



If you have any questions about end of year, or want to know more about the process then please visit www.yourfund.org.uk.