Automatic Enrolment 

Automatic enrolment is an issue all employers should be aware of.  

LPFA has developed a video outlining the key details of Automatic Enrolment for members:

The following documents have been made available to employers to assist with the approach of Automatic Enrolment. 



Automatic Enrolment Documents

Suggested Approach - Documents

  1. Automatic Enrolment Flow Chart for Employers

    This flow chart is designed to assist you with the direction and order in which you need to make decisions based around Automatic Enrolment
  2. Guidance for Members:

    Designed to set out Automatic Enrolment guidance for members. 
  3. Guidance for Employers:  

    Designed to set out guidance and guide lines for employers undertaking the Automatic Enrolment process.
  4. Draft letter from Employer to Non-Scheme Member:

    This letter could be issued by the employer to a member currently opted out of the scheme. The format and wording of the letter provided is in line with TPR's requirements.
  5. Draft Notification from Employer to all staff:

    Template designed for communication issued by the employer to all staff members (please note: that this may appear in the format of an email but not a poster). 
  6. Interface Template: 

    LPFA has produced a template of fields required for a bulk load when current optants are bought into the scheme.


Additional Information

Additional Information produced by the Local Government Association

 In addition to the information listed above the Local Government Association have produced.

  1. A Brief Guide to Automatic Enrolment (for the LGPS and TPA); and 

  2. The Essential Guide to Automatic Enrolment  

These documents provide a complete picture of the requirements that need to comply with the legislation set by the Government and may assist employer if they feel the information provided in the LPP documents are not clear or if they have a complicated situation. 

These guides can be found here:

Brief Guide to Automatic Enrolment

Essential guide:

The essential guide to automatic enrolment

Additional Information

The Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS) is a qualifying pension scheme under the automatic enrolment provisions of the Pensions Act 2008. Please see the LPFA Registration Assistance document for further information.


Additional Documents

DWP Poster:

Advertising material with the ability to be personalised to notify employees of the national campaign surrounding Automatic Enrolment. 

Pension Myths:

Is a document supplied by the DWP to help dispel general myths around pensions. 

Automatic Enrolment Language Guide:

A guide which has been produced to help employer and employees around the terminology and jargon associated with Automatic Enrolment. 

Key Messages: 

Designed to promote the main messages and reason for Automatic Enrolment. The aim is to promote the key benefits of pension savings. 

Frequently Asked Questions - Employee:

A document developed by the DWP in order to assist and help members. 

Frequently Asked Questions - Employer:

A document developed by the LPFA to assist employers with common queries and issues. 

Data Spreadsheet:

LPFA have designed a guide to assist in the build up to key points in the automatic enrolment process. 

10 Reasons to Join the Pension Fund:

LPFA have produced a publication to identify the benefits of joining a pension scheme. This can be included with the draft letter from employer to non-scheme member.