This section of the site is intended for LPP employers. In this part of the site there is information for employers, including news about the LPP and the Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS).

Your Fund is the site for employer secure access. Employers can submit online forms, data or carry out data matching facilities.

Whilst the site is regularly updated, employers are asked to check their contact details and complete and return the Employer Contacts  Form which can be found in the Employer Forms section of this site. 

 You can access yourfund via the link: https://www.yourfund.org.uk/


Your Pensions is the site for members. Here your employees can find information about the pension scheme including videos, guides and fact-sheets as well as calculation examples.

 You can access YourPension via the link: https://www.yourpension.org.uk/LPFA/Home.aspx

Pensions Administration Strategy (PAS)

The aim of the PAS is to ensure that both LPP and its employers are fully aware of their responsibilities under the Scheme and to identify acceptable levels of performance. The original Strategy went live on 1st April 2010, and since then we have seen a significant improvement to the service that we provide to the Scheme member. This is a result of efficient data and information flow between LPP and our employers.

The Pensions Administration Strategy Document - updated June 2014