What We Do

As one of most experienced LGPS providers in England and one of the largest funds in the UK, LPFA is well versed in dealing with all aspects of the scheme for differing sizes of scheme membership. We are fully aware that each client has different requirements and therefore needs a different solution. It is for this reason we have developed a range of flexible products and services that can complement and enhance the work you are already doing.

Working together

Our ethos with all of our third party activities has been one of a partnership approach.  We work with prospective partners to deliver an arrangement that meets their exact requirements.

Our strategy puts collaboration and the sharing of skills and expertise at the heart of what we do, using our resources to help deliver improvements across the LGPS and Fire Pension Scheme. It is only through this kind of cooperation that we can hope to solve the public sector pension deficit crisis in the UK. 

With Public Sector pensions becoming increasingly complex and ever in the public eye, now is the time to reinforce your capability for delivering the scheme. LPFA has the depth of experience, technology and resources to support you in delivering the best possible service to your Fund. 

For more information on any of our products or services take a look at the relevant section of this website or contact us directly.


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